TourTourBearing performance of a mechanical seal with tapered film
 Diameter 2R0   10-3 m
 Diameter 2R1   10-3 m
 Film thickness h0   10-6 m
 Film thickness h1   10-6 m
 Supply pressure pS   106 Pa
 Ambient pressure pA   106 Pa
 Viscosity η   Pas
ISO 724 Load capacity F'=F/(A(pS-pA))  
 Flow rate Q'  
 Stiffness S'  
 Load capacity F   N
 Flow rate Q   10-6 l/min
 Inherent stiffness S=-dF/dh   106 N/m
In mechanical seal technology the dimensionless load F' is called the pressure gradient factor k1. It's the ratio of the integrated pressure distribution F and the hydrostatic pressure pS-pA acting on the seal surface A. With parallel film k1=0.5 and S=0. A tapered film shows axial bearing stiffness and can be considered as a hydrostatic collar bearing.