TourTour Hydrostatic journal bearing

 Bearing configuration
 Type of flow restrictor
 Shaft diameter D 10-3 m
 Bearing length L/D
 Axial ridge length La/L
 Tangential ridge length Lt/L
 Radial clearance dR/R
 Supply pressure ps-pa 105 Pa
 Pressure factor 0=(pr-pa)/(ps-pa)
 Lubricant viscosity η Pas
 Effective bearing area AE /A
 Dimensionless load capacity F'
 Dimensionless stiffness S'
 Dimensionless flow Q'
 Ratio of axial and tangential flow q'
 Load capacity F(ε=0.5) 103 N
 Radial bearing stiffness S 106 N/m
 Flow rate Q liter/hr
 Pump power N W
Pressure distribution bearing configuration I) and II) respectively, but with 5 pockets. In configuration II a circumferential flow takes place, with lubricant flowing from the  pocket with higher pressure to the one with lower pressure. The stiffness of this bearing is somewhat negatively affected but the flow rate through this bearing is significantly smaller.

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