TourTourAerostatic thrust bearing fed through a narrow groove
 Diameter bearing 2R0   10-3 m
 Diameter groove 2R1   10-3 m
 Groove width δ   10-3 m
 Film thickness h0   10-6 m
 Supply pressure pS   106 Pa
 Ambient pressure pA   106 Pa
 Pressure factor β  
 Coefficient of discharge Cd  
 Number of orifices  
 Pressure ratio pR/pS  
 Load capacity F*  
 Flow rate M   10-6 kg/s
 Diameter orifices d   10-3 m
 Load capacity F   N
 Axial bearing stiffness S=-dF/dh   106 N/m
 Flow rate Q   l/min

h0: A high axial bearing stiffness, self-aligning capability and the minimal flow is obtained with small film thickness. The minimal value of the film thickness is limited by bearing deflections and flatness of the bearing surface and is usually related to the bearing size.

The volume of the groove must be as small as possible in order to prevent instability. In this calculator a large groove dept is assumed resulting in a smooth pressure distribution. Establishing the groove depth and width to obtain the minimal groove volume requires fem calculation.

The load capacity of the bearing is calculated with equation 12.6 for the outer ring surface and with a homogenous pressure distribution assumed in the virtual pocket, i.e. at the inner surface.