TourTourCalculator for a single notched hinge
 Diameter hole D   10-3 m
 Ridge height h   10-3 m
 Plate thickness t   10-3 m
 Young's modulus E   109 Pa
 Poisson constant v  
 Elastic limit Rp0.2   106 Pa
 Modulus of elasticity for plane strain E   109 Pa
 Normal stiffness cxx   106 N/m
 Ratio shearing stiffness to tensile stiffness  
 Rotational stiffness k   Nm/rad
 Maximum angle of rotation ψmax   10-3 rad
 Maximum angle of rotation αmax   deg
 Maximum torque T = k ψ   Nm
Calculated values based on the Design chart for cylindrical hole hinges (Figure 14.6)Example of a flexure mechanism with multiple hole hinges; credit card sized piezo actuated nano precision XY stage with motion amplifier (Figure 14.13).