TourLinear ball slide with limited travel

  Body 1 Body 2
 Young's modulus E GPa  GPa
 Poisson's ratio ν [-] [-]
 Ball diameter d 10-3 m  
 Number of balls n [-]
 Coefficient of friction for sliding [-]
 Payload P N
 Effective Young's modulus E' GPa
 Effective contact radius R' 10-3 m
 Hertzian contact load F N
 Contact radius r 10-3 m
 Indentation δ 10-6 m
 Incremental contact stiffness S 106 N/m
 Mean contact pressure pm GPa
 Maximum contact pressure pmax GPa
 Vertical displacement of the slide δslide 10-6 m
 Incremental slide stiffness Sslide 107 N/m
 Frictional force of the slide Ff.slide N
 Coefficient of friction of the slide Ff.slide/P [-]