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Input for calculation of the seal face surface pressure PG 
 Sealing pressure dp=p1-p2,  (1bar = 0.1 MPa) dp = MPa
 Balance ratio k=AH/A , (0.65<k<0.9, balanced k<1) k =  
ISO 724 Pressure gradient factor (parallel film k1=0.5) k1 =  
 Spring load / seal surface A (0.1<pf <0.5) pf = MPa
Input for calculation of leakage, viscous friction and power consumption
 Seal face inner radius ri = m
 Seal face outer radius ro = m
 Number of revolutions n = rpm
 Effective film thickness h = 10-6 m
 Viscosity η = Pas
 Surface pressure   pG=dp·(k-k1)+pf        pG = MPa
 Leakage Q = liter/hour
 Mean sliding velocity v = m/s
 Coefficient of friction µ =
 Heat generation N = Watt
 A Area seal face [ m2]
 AH Effective hydrostatic area [ m2]
 p1 Medium pressure [MPa]
 p2 Atmosphere pressure [MPa ]
 pf Ratio of spring load and seal face area [MPa ]
 pG Seal face surface pressure [MPa ]