TourTourGas lubricated externally pressurized thrust bearing






     gas bearing with porous ring

 Problem (animation of pressure distribution, 175 kb)
 R0 10-3 m ps/pa <10 η 10-6 Pa.s
 h0 10-6 m kp 10-15 m2 R
 0 T K
 F* s mm
 F N M 10-5 kg/s
 S N/m M liter/min.
 R0 Bearing Diameter, R1/R0=2/3, R2/R0=1/2 [m]
 h0 film thickness at =0 [-]
 0 pressure ratio (pr-pa)/(ps-pa) [-]
 ps pressure supply [bar]
 pa atmospheric pressure [bar]
 kp permeability [m2]
 s thickness porous ring [m]
 η gas viscosity [Pas]
 F Load [N]
 F* Load number F/ A(ps-pa), A= B R02 [-]
 M gas flow [kg/s]
 S Mean stiffness cofficint dF/dh, dh=h0/2 [N/m]