TourTourPartial grooved Aerostatic journal bearing
Calculation of load capability and flow 1)
 Shaft diameter D 10-3 m
 Supply pressure ps 105 Pa
 Ambient pressure pa 105 Pa
 Viscosity η 10-6 Pas
 Gas constant R m2/s2K
 Temperature T K
 radial clearance dR/R  
 Number of grooves k
 Bearing length L0/D
 Groove length L1/L0
 Groove width B1/B0
 Groove depth h1/h0
 Shaft eccentricity ε=e/dR
 Dimensionless load F'(ε)
 Pressure factor 0 (ε=0)
 Reynolds number Re<500...1000
 Load capability F(ε) N
 Mass flow rate M(ε) 10-6 kg/s
   1) Symmetrical bearing