TourTourPV-value of sliding bearings


 Calculator for the PV value  Calculator for the bearing load
 L 10-3 m  L 10-3 m
 D 10-3 m  D 10-3 m
 F N  PV 106 Pam/s
 V m/s  V m/s
 Q W  Q W
 PV  106 Pam/s  Fmax N
The frictional heating in sliding bearings equals Q=μFV. The load capacity of sliding bearings is expressed in the PV-value, i.e. the product of the average contact pressure F/(LD) and the sliding velocity V=πDn/60 in which n the rotational speed in [rpm]. The PV-value relates to frictional heating per unit of surface area, i.e. μPV=Q/(LD) and is limited by the maximum contact temperature. So, the Limiting PV-value also depends on heat dissipation (calculator for LPV value).