TourTour Spiral grooved journal bearings

Spiral grooved bearing  
   Calculation of

      maximum load
      shaft eccentricity
      friction torque
      power loss

 Bearing length L/D
 Shaft diameter D mm
 Radial clearance dR/R
 Rotations per minute n rpm
 Lubricant viscosity η Pas
ref 1) Bearing stiffness number S'
ref 1) Shaft eccentricity εmax=e/dR
 Bearing stiffness S 106 N/m
ref 2) Load capacity Fmaxmax) N
 Friction torque M 10-3 Nm
 Power loss P=Mω

 1) Dimensionless numbers based on groove geometry, i.e. the groove angle,
 ratio of groove / ridge width, ratio of groove depth / radial clearance and the ratio
 of the bearing length / shaft diameter (Table 13.2).

 2) The bearing load F is limited by the maximum eccentricity, i.e. by the pump
 capacity of the grooves. With F>Fmax the lubricant film becomes interrupted.