Tour Equivalent bearing load
 Radial bearing load Fr kN
 Axial bearing load Fa kN
 Factor f0 -
 Static load rating C0 kN
 Factor f0 Fa / C0 -
 Factor e -
 Factor X -
 Factor Y -
 Equivalent dynamic load P = X Fr +  Y Fa kN

If the bearing is subjected to a radial load solely then P=Fr. For deep groove ball bearings it appears that P=Fr as long as Fa/Fr<e where Fa being the axial load and Fr the radial load. If Fa/Fr>e then the equivalent bearing load P is calculated using P=XFr+YFa where X and Y depend on the type of bearing. For deep groove ball bearings the values of e, X and Y are derived from the table below.
A bearing clearance larger than Normal (C3 and C4) makes the bearing less sensitive to axial loads at the cost of radial play.

Default values of f0 and C0 are set for bearing number 16004. Refer the SKF bearing data tables for alternative bearing numbers. Select one of the bearings from the table, the value of fo is displayed after selection.

For statically loaded single row deep groove ball bearings the equivalent static bearing load P0 should be used according: P0 = 0.6 Fr + 0.5 Fa. If P0 < Fr then P0 = Fr should be used.