TourTourCalculator for leaf springs
 Leave spring width b   10-3 m
 Leave spring thickness h   10-3 m
 Leave spring length L   10-3 m
 Modulus of elasticity E   109 Pa
 Load F   N
 Moment of bending M = F L   10-3 Nm
 Moment of inertia Ix   10-12 m4
 Section modulus Sx = Ix / e   10-9 m3
 Tensile stress σ = Mx / Sx 1)   106 Pa
 Deflection δ    10-3 m
 Slope θ    rad
 Stiffness k = dF / dδ    N/m
Cantilever beams form the essence of many springs. The leave spring properties can be calculated with the equations of a cantilever beam loaded in bending. See Table 14.3, 14.4 and 14.5 for approximate formulae of various load conditions and spring geometries.