TourTourAerostatic shallow pocket thrust bearing
 Diameter bearing 2R0   10-3 m
R1 Diameter pocket 2R1   10-3 m
R2 Diameter inlet 2R2   10-3 m
h2 Pocket depth h2   10-6 m
h0 Film thickness h0   10-6 m
 Supply pressure pS   106 Pa
 Ambient pressure pA   106 Pa
 Pressure p(R1)/pA  
 Pressure factor β  
 Load capacity F*  
 Flow rate M   10-6 kg/s
 Load capacity F   N
 Inherent stiffness S=-dF/dh   106 N/m
 Flow rate Q   l/min
2R1: The larger the size of the pocket 2R1 the larger the optimal value of the axial bearing stiffness and self-aligning capability. Design charts for optimal axial bearing stiffness and self- aligning capability with respect to 2R1 are available in the book.

2R2: A small diameter of the inlet hole 2R2 is favorable with respect to the self-aligning  capability of the bearing but may cause the pressure to drop locally by inertia forces. The pressure drop by inertia forces can calculated with equation (12.4) of the book.

h2: The highest load capacity is obtained with small h0/h2 ratio which means a relative large pocket depth h2. A shallow pocket however is needed to obtain axial bearing stiffness and self aligning capability. In order to select the optimal value for R1/R0 and h0/h2 to achieve a good compromise in self aligning capability, axial stiffness and load capacity consult the design charts available in the book.

h0: The highest axial bearing stiffness, self-aligning capability and the minimal flow is obtained with the smallest film thickness. The required film thickness depends on bearing deflections and flatness of the bearing surface and is usually related to the bearing size.