TourTourHydrostatic thrust bearing1)


 Diameter bearing D0 10-3 m
 Diameter pocket D1 10-3 m
 Film thickness h0  10-3 m
 Supply pressure ps-pa 105 Pa
 Viscosity η Pas
 Density ρ kg/m3
 Number of orifices n0
 Constriction coefficient orifice CD
 Pressure factor 0
 Effective surface area AE /A
 Dimensionless load F*
 Dimensionless stiffness S*
 Dimensionless flow Q*
 Reynolds number film Re=ρVh/η
 Reynolds number orifice Re=ρVd/η
 Diameter orifices d 10-3 m
 Load capacity F 103 N
 Axial stiffness S 106 N/m
 Flow rate Q    10-3 m3/s
 Effective power consumption N 103 W
 1) Hydrostatic bearing of the Prins Willem Alexander Lock Gate in Amsterdam, NL

 This bearing is equipped with 4 pockets in order to obtain good self aligning
 properties ( Animation of pressure distribution ). An alternative is the hydrostatic
 bearing with one pocket at the center (calculator).

 For custom bearings to be designed to your specifications, please contact