TourTourHydrostatic thrust bearing with central pocket


 Diameter bearing D0 10-3 m
 Diameter pocket D1 10-3 m
 Film thickness h0  10-3 m
 Supply pressure ps-pa 105 Pa
 Viscosity η Pas
 Density ρ kg/m3
 Constriction coefficient orifice CD
 Pressure factor 0
 Effective surface area AE /A
 Dimensionless load F*
 Dimensionless stiffness S*
 Dimensionless flow Q*
 Reynolds number film Re=ρVh/η
 Reynolds number orifice Re=ρVd/η
 Diameter orifice d 10-3 m
 Load capacity F 103 N
 Axial stiffness S 106 N/m
 Flow rate Q    10-3 m3/s
 Effective power consumption N 103 W
 1) Hydrostatic bearing of the Prins Willem Alexander Lock Gate in Amsterdam, NL

This bearings of the Oranje locks are equipped with 4 pockets each in order to obtain good self aligning properties ( Animation of pressure distribution ). An alternative is the hydrostatic bearing with one pocket at the center. The load capacity of this bearing, with the diameter of the central pocket the same as that of the 4 pockets is exactly the same, however the self aligning capacity is inferior.

The self aligning capacity of the hydrostatic bearing with central pocket can be increased significantly by minimizing the diameter of the central pocket ( Pressure distribution ). The load capacity of the bearing with decreased pocket diameter however becomes smaller. This can be compensated by selecting a higher supply pressure or a larger bearing diameter.

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