TourTourWater lubricated slide bearing


 Bearing load F N
 Coefficient of friction μ -
 Diameter shaft D 10-3 m
 Bearing length L 10-3 m
 Diametric clearance ΔD  10-3 m
 Rotational speed n rpm
 Viscosity η Pas
 Density ρ 103 kg/m3
 Specific heat capacity c 103 J/(kgK)
 Forced flow
 Bearing length number L /D
 PV-value MPam/s
 Flow number Cq
 Power loss N = μF2πn/60 W
 Side leakage Q
 Frictional heating dT K
The frictional heating is calculated assuming adiabatic boundary conditions for the bearing, i.e. power loss N is drained by the natural side leakage Q when submerged in water (zero value for forced flow).

The flow through the bearing can be improved by applying axial grooves in the bearing surface (forced flow by applying a pressure difference over the bearing). The groove dimensions and the pressure difference needed to obtain the intended forced flow can be calculated using the calculator for the "hydraulic diameter".